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“Personalized guidance. The college application process was a struggle for me. Advice from Scholarship Junkies gave me clear direction about how to proceed and helped me put my best foot forward.”

David MelvinPrinceton, Computer Science

“A shining light forward. Applying for college and scholarships left me feeling overwhelmed. Scholarship Junkies was my key resource for learning how to manage all of my applications and how to best present myself.”

Salina TesfayBrown University, Human Biology

“They got to know me, my story, and my situation. I submitted a jumble of thoughts and ideas, and was returned a finely tuned guide on how to display my skills. It was taken to the next level as we dived into why I was pursuing my dreams and now applying to jobs is cake. I'm happy to say I've won more than $43,000 in scholarships”

Jian ChenUniversity of Washington, Mechanical Engineering